At The Van Kamp Studio, we train beginning or professional actors develop their talent through personalized coaching sessions using innovative methods. Training of professional working actors. The Van Kamp Studio is multilingual.


  • Chubbuck Technique The Power of The Actor 12-step

  • Method Private moment moment to moment sensory techniques

  • Stella Adler Imaginary Technique

  • Multi lingual English; French; Danish, German and Spanish

  • Camera techniques,

  • Building a Character by Stanislavsky.


Develop your talents, take photos and make demo SHOW REEL VIDEO CYBER SERIES.

  •  €200  a month
  • €580 per semester
  • The ACTOR will benefit from intensive, personalized coaching with Merete Van Kamp
The Van Kamp Studio Actors

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21 Place dé là république 

75003 Paris, France

+33 0754819595

Lundi - Vendredi
09:00 - 18:00

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